“I know it may not yet look like it, but we are sowing the seeds of greatness for countless generations to come. That is the Great Work of our times. Yours and mine.”

So writes Polly Higgins, celebrated Earth lawyer and luminary in the environmental justice movement, in Dare to Be Great, her posthumously published book in which she shares insights from her own remarkable life journey, with the aim of inspiring us to recognise and step into the greatness that lies within all of us.

Join us online with Stroud Book Festival to celebrate both the publication of Dare to Be Great and Polly’s extraordinary legacy, with the help of three writers who have taken inspiration from Polly and her work to Stop Ecocide across the globe:

Jini Reddy is an award-winning journalist and the author of Wanderland: A Search for Magic in the Landscape which was shortlisted for the 2020 Wainwright Prize.

Jonathon Porritt is a renowned writer, broadcaster and campaigner on sustainable development, and the co-founder of Forum for the Future. His latest book is Hope in Hell: A Decade to Confront the Climate Emergency.

Maddy Harland is a pioneer of permaculture and regenerative practices. She co-founded Permanent Publications in 1990 and Permaculture Magazine in 1992 to explore traditional and new ways of living in greater harmony with the Earth. She is the author of Fertile Edges: Regenerating Land, Culture and Hope.

The event, chaired by Anita van Rossum and in association with Stop Ecocide, is free to attend and scheduled to take place online at 6:30pm on Thursday 5th November.

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