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You Must Stand Up front cover

You Must Stand Up

Amanda Becker

When the Supreme Court decided Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization – overturning the constitutional right to abortion care – America was thrown into chaos.
In You Must Stand Up, Nieman Fellow Amanda Becker provides a real-time portrait of the creative resistance that unfolded in America's first year without the protections of Roe v. Wade. Becker traces the story of the people rising to meet these new challenges – doctors and staffers turning to new financial and medical models to remain open and provide abortions, volunteers campaigning against anti-abortion ballot initiatives, and medical students fighting to learn to provide what can be life-saving care...

Crypto Confidential cover

Cypto Confidential

Jake Donoghue

Crypto Confidential tells the salacious story of the industry everyone is talking about right now. In doing so, it sheds light on some of the most scandalous financial crimes of the 21st century. From billion-dollar fraud cases to international money laundering cartels, political bribery and even faked deaths, it lifts the lid on the intricate and immense web of malpractice which crypto founders spin to trap ordinary investors. Written by a prominent and well-connected insider, it provides a first-hand account of how the industry truly operates, and how every aspect is engineered for one purpose: to make vast amounts of fast money for those on the inside, by any means necessary.

Friday is the New Saturday paperback front cover

Friday is the New Saturday: How a Four-Day Working Week Will Save the Economy

Pedro Gomes

Drawing on an eclectic range of economic theory, history and data, Pedro Gomes argues that a four-day working week will bring about a powerful economic renewal for the benefit of all society. It will stimulate demand, productivity, innovation and wages, whilst reducing unemployment and crushing populist movements. The arguments come from both the left and right of the political spectrum to show that a polarised society can still find common ground.
In the 2000s, Friday will become the new Saturday, and we will never look back.

Milk Without Honey front cover

Milk Without Honey

Hanna Harms; translated by Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp

We could live in a paradise where insects, especially bees, pollinate fragrant oceans of flowers whose fruits we harvest. Instead flower gardens are being displaced, and agriculture is dominated by monocultures. Pesticides and climate change are also causing insect mortality, with dramatic consequences for the global ecosystem. If this carries on unchecked, honey will be just one of the many foodstuffs no longer available to us – unless we learn to honour our innate connection with nature before it’s too late.
A poignant and provocative graphic novel about the plight of the bees in which illustrator Hanna Harms inspires not only reflection but also action.

Faking It front cover

Faking It: Artificial Intelligence in a Human World

Toby Walsh

Artificial intelligence is, as the name suggests, artificial and fundamentally different to human intelligence. Yet often the goal of AI is to fake human intelligence. This deceit has been there from the very beginning. We’ve been trying to fake it since Alan Turing answered the question ‘Can machines think?’ by proposing that machines pretend to be humans.
Can AI systems ever be creative? Can they be moral? What can we do to ensure they are not harmful?
In this fun and fascinating book, Professor Toby Walsh explores all the ways AI fakes it, and what this means for humanity – now and in the future.

Eliminating Poverty in Britain front cover

Eliminating Poverty in Britain

Helen Rowe

In this groundbreaking book, Helen Rowe brings together the latest research with stories from across Britain, to show us that ending poverty in the 21st Century is possible. She describes the effects of deprivation on British society, our institutions, communities, families and individuals - down to their very DNA.
By using a combination of compassion, focus and a plan, Rowe describes how we can end poverty in five years, without raising taxes. Her radical ideas are grounded in practical realities, as she reveals how ordinary processes can yield extraordinary results. After Covid-19, Brexit, war, austerity and the global financial crash, Britain deserves a more positive future. How do we create it? Eliminating Poverty in Britain has the answers.

Rigged front cover


Andy Verity

Rigged exposes a cover-up at the highest level on both sides of the Atlantic, upending the official story of the biggest scandal since the global financial crisis. It picks up where The Big Short leaves off, as the dark clouds of the financial crisis gather. Banks’ health is judged by an interest rate called Libor (the London Interbank Offered Rate). The higher the Libor, the worse off the bank; too high and it’s goodnight Vienna. Libor is heading skywards. To save themselves from collapse, nationalisation and loss of bonuses, banks instruct traders to manipulate Libor down – a criminal practice known as lowballing. Outraged, traders turn whistleblowers, alerting the authorities. Turns out, it’s not just the market that’s rigged. It’s the entire system.

Future Hackers front cover

Future Hackers: The Indispensable Guide for Curious Minds

Matt O'Neill

From technological advancements to cultural shifts, the coming years will bring unprecedented transformations that will shape our lives in ways we can't even imagine. This book is your essential guide to understanding these changes and adapting to them with optimism and confidence.
With expert insights into the latest trends in work, leadership and technology, Future Hackers is your indispensable tool for thriving in a rapidly changing world. Whether you're a business leader, a student, or just someone who wants to stay ahead of the curve, this book will help you navigate the road to 2030 and beyond.


Flaws of Nature

Andy Dobson

Species evolve over time to become perfectly adapted to their environments, right? Well, sometimes.
This book is about evolution, but not its greatest hits. Instead, it explores everything in the animal kingdom that is self-defeating, ill-made, uneconomical, or downright weird – and explains how natural selection has favoured it. In the grand struggle for survival, some surprising patterns emerge: animals are always slightly out-of-date; inefficiency tends to increase over time; predators usually lose, and parasites usually win. With equal parts humour and scientific insight, Andy Dobson is here to explain the how and why of evolution’s limits and liabilities.

War Diary of the Ukrainian Resistance front cover

War Diary of the Ukrainian Resistance

The Kyiv Independent

How does a newsroom, made up of young journalists, find itself in a war zone overnight? How do you do your job as a correspondent when the conflict is literally on your doorstep?
Using their skills from reporting on business, entertainment, and geopolitics, members of The Kyiv Independent’s editorial staff make the choice to stay and report on the reality of the Russian invasion and the Ukrainian Resistance.
Combining articles published during the conflict with personal accounts, they give us an unprecedented inside look at the reality of the Russian invasion and its consequences.

The Quiet Moon front cover

The Quiet Moon: Pathways To An Ancient Way of Being

Kevin Parr

A lyrical exploration of mental health and nature, set to the phases of the moon.
The ancient Celts lived by and worshipped the moon. While modern, digital life is often at odds with nature – rubbing against it rather than working in harmony with it – is there something to be said for embracing this ancient way of being and reconnecting to the moon’s natural calendar?
In The Quiet Moon, Kevin Parr discovers that a year of moons has much to teach us about how to live in the world that surrounds us – and how being more in tune to the rhythms of nature, even in the cold and dark, can help ease the suffering mind.


The Ocean in a Drop

Dr Roz Savage MBE

The Ocean in a Drop follows the quest of Roz Savage, a frustrated environmentalist and ocean adventurer, to find out why her own endeavours and the environmental movement more generally have failed to achieve change of the necessary scope, scale and speed. Her journey takes her from the environment through economics and politics into patriarchy and a global culture of domination. She examines the tragic psychological flaws in the way we think and the apparent inevitability of civilisational collapse, and deduces that our best hope is to transcend the current trap of runaway materialism.
Exploring cutting-edge theories she paints a bold, exciting vision of a future in which people and planet thrive.


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