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Machines Behaving Badly

Machines Behaving Badly: The Morality of AI

Toby Walsh

AI is rapidly becoming a pervasive and critical technology that invisibly permeates every aspect of our lives, changing how we operate and shaping society in ways that we unaware of. It is influencing how we shop, how we live in our homes, how we vote, how we date and what we think about those around us. In this compelling and, at times, unnerving book, Toby Walsh explores how AI is here to stay and although it may not be the stuff of science fiction, it will undoubtedly change the future of the human race, for better or worse.

Zero Altitude front cover

Zero Altitude

Helen Coffey

Part climate-change investigation, part travel memoir, 'Zero Altitude' follows top travel journalist Helen Coffey as she journeys as far as she can – all without getting on a single flight. Among trips by train, boat and bike, she meets climate experts and activists at the forefront of the burgeoning flight-free movement. Over the course of a year, she discovers that keeping both feet on the ground is not only possible but that it is also an exhilarating opportunity for adventure. Her book is brimming with tips and ideas for swapping the middle seat for the open road...

Dwellbeing front cover

Dwellbeing: Finding Home in the City

Claire Bradbury

We may have fallen out of love with our city homes, but cities are still going to be essential dwelling places for a growing population. International sustainability and wellbeing advocate, Claire Bradbury explores what we need to do to fall back in love with the city, and find our city homes again. Dwellbeing calls us to stand firm on the seven pillars we love and so desperately need from our city homes: wilderness, nourishment, movement, connection, dwelling, imagination and unity.

The Great Melt: Accounts from the Frontline of Climate Change front cover

The Great Melt: Accounts from the Frontline of Climate Change

Alister Doyle

The fate of the world’s coasts rests on a knife edge as global warming melts ice sheets and glaciers from the Alps to the Andes. The choices we make now will determine whether oceans rise by a coast-swamping one metre by 2100 or whether we can save our coastal communities. 'The Great Melt' is a wake-up call for action on climate change. It will bring the thaw to life by focusing on the...

Planet Grief front cover

Planet Grief

Dipti Tait

We are all grieving something. We grieve when our life changes and we grieve on a larger level – for a lost way of life and for our planet. In this book, grief therapist Dipti Tait redefines grief – exploring her own experiences, both personal and professional, the science behind it and our complex relationship with it across the world. In doing so, she reveals how learning to navigate grief could be the gateway to building a more resilient and resourceful society, equipped to face whatever changes may come our way...

Friday is the New Saturday: How a Four-day Working Week Will Save the Economy front cover

Friday is the New Saturday: How a Four-Day Working Week Will Save the Economy

Pedro Gomes

Drawing on an eclectic range of economic theory, history and data, Pedro Gomes argues that a four-day working week will bring about a powerful economic renewal for the benefit of all society. It will stimulate demand, productivity, innovation and wages, whilst reducing unemployment and crushing populist movements. Friday will become the new Saturday, and we will never look back...

A History of Seeing in Eleven Inventions front cover

A History of Seeing in Eleven Inventions

Susan Denham Wade

Packed with fascinating insights and impeccably researched, 'A History of Seeing in Eleven Inventions' investigates the story of seeing from the evolution of eyes 500 million years ago to the present day. Time after time, it reveals, inventions that changed how people saw the world ended up changing it altogether. Can our eyes keep up with technology? Have we gone as far as the eye can see?

Stop Believing Bullshit front cover

Stop Believing Bullshit and Actually Start Helping Yourself

James Adonis

'Stop Believing Bullsh*t' offers sense in place of the sparkling nonsense that permeates the inspiration industry. It exposes the unrealistic clichés and misleading mantras that frequently just make you feel bad, replacing them with evidence-based insights that are no less motivating, but are credible, reliable and, most importantly, scientifically tested...

Fuck Off, I'm Sewing! front cover

Fuck Off, I’m Sewing!

Profanity Embroidery Group

Swearing is good for you. Stitching is good for you. It’s win fucking win. Once upon a time in the quiet coastal town of Whitstable, previously known for oysters and fingering, a bunch of unknown stitchers came together to sew, drink and swear. Amidst all the stitching and laughing, friendships flourished and beautiful, irreverent pieces of art were created, adding a contemporary flavour to the craft of embroidery. Fuck Off, I’m Sewing! brings you the highlights and lowlifes of the Profanity Embroidery Group...



Mauro F. Guillén

Once upon a time, the world was neatly divided into prosperous and backward economies. We expected the rules to remain the same throughout our lifetimes, but that world – and those rules – are over. By 2030, a new reality will take hold. All these trends will change everything you know about culture, the economy and the world. '2030' is both a remarkable guide to the coming changes and an exercise in the power of ‘lateral thinking’, thereby revolutionising the way you think about cataclysmic change and its consequences...



Caroline Harris (editor)

'M-Boldened: Menopause Conversations We All Need to Have' is a book about menopause unlike any other. Its contributors, speaking from many different walks of life, open up the conversation in new and profound ways for people across the globe. Recognising menopause as a human rights issue that affects everyone everywhere, this book shapes a new courageous conversation about how we can and should view the menopause and midlife...

Dare to Be Great front cover

Dare To Be Great

Polly Higgins

Celebrated Earth lawyer Polly Higgins was a luminary in the environmental justice movement as she worked to Stop Ecocide globally. She was a beacon for how to live the brave, bold lives that, at our best, we imagine for ourselves. Both a playful, inspirational conversation and a heartfelt, lived call, this book offers each of us a transformational roadmap through selfcare to Earth-care, and will empower you to unlock your potential and step out into the future...


Future Hackers: The Indispensable Guide for Curious Minds

Matt O'Neill

In the next two decades, we’ll see profound technological, social and cultural developments that will drive the same level of change as we have experienced the past 200 years, but it will be even faster and look and feel completely different. Armed with insights into these seismic changes, Futurist Matt O’Neill will provide you with some answers which will help you navigate this changing world with confidence and present the right questions to ask to find your own way to thrive towards 2030 and beyond.

Flint cover coming soon

The Super-Helper Syndrome

Jess Baker & Rod Vincent

The backbone of caring professions, but also found in many other walks of life, Super-Helpers put endless effort into caring for other people. Yet, all too often they fall prey to a compulsion to help beyond their capacity and are frequently taken for granted by the rest of us. The increasing tensions of the last few years highlight how much we need people who care. There are louder calls for fair pay for frontline workers and we’ve seen public shows of appreciation like the Clap for Carers. But it is not enough – Helpers are overstretched and suffering. It’s time to help the helpers. Having worked extensively with Super-Helpers, psychologist Jess Baker gives you the tools you need to care in a healthy way.

Michael Handrick headshot

Difference is Born on the Lips

Michael Handrick

Despite having more equal rights and media representation than ever before, the gay community is suffering a mental health epidemic. 49% of gay men have suffered from domestic abuse, while 26% have experienced rape, physical violence, or stalking by an intimate partner. Those statistics would be substantially higher if gay men had been aware that they had been subjected to abuse, and if society had not denied them a right to a voice. In this shockingly raw, but beautifully written book, Michael Handrick traces the root causes of the abuse, trauma and mental health crises faced by gay men, and the silence that surrounds them.

Andy Verity headshot


Andy Verity

Rigged picks up where The Big Short leaves off, in the autumn of 2007, as the dark clouds of the financial crisis gather. Financial institutions enter a state of panic. For the Big 16 banks, their measure of health is an interest rate measure known as Libor (the London Interbank Offered Rate). The higher the Libor, the worse off the bank – too high and it’s goodnight Vienna. Libor is heading skywards. To save themselves from collapse, nationalisation and loss of bonuses, banks and financial institutions conspire to rig Libor so it stays artificially low, a criminal practice known as lowballing. A handful of low-level traders, outraged after being ordered to rig Libor, turn whistleblowers, alerting the Wall Street Journal. When it proves impossible for the investigators to pin the crime on the banks themselves, they turn on the traders. They charge them with rigging interest rates for profit, a crime of which – as Rigged proves – they were innocent. Innocent people jailed for years for doing the right thing, their lives ruined and families destroyed. Turns out, it’s not just the market that’s rigged – it’s the entire system.

Flint cover coming soon

The Ocean in a Drop

Dr Roz Savage MBE

The Ocean in a Drop follows the quest of Roz Savage, leading female adventurer and frustrated environmentalist, to find out why her own endeavours and the environmental movement more generally have failed to achieve change at the necessary scope, scale and speed.
Her journey takes her from the environment through economics and politics into patriarchy and a global culture of domination - of rich over poor, strong over weak, humanity over nature. She examines the tragic psychological flaws of our cognitive biases and thinking errors, our tendency to reductionist thinking, and the apparent inevitability of civilizational collapse, and deduces that our best hope is to transcend our current paradigm of runaway materialism.
Exploring cutting-edge theories on the nature of reality and the relationship between matter and consciousness she peels back the veils of our shared delusions to arrive at a new narrative about what it means to be human in the 21st century. She paints a bold, exciting vision of a future that supports the thriving of people and planet.